Hello play!, a new actor on the Belgian electro scene

Hello play!, a new actor on the Belgian electro scene

Thursday, November 6, 2014 — Hello play!, a new platform devoted to electronic music, will be officially launched on 12 November. On the menu will be playlists, exclusive live sessions, events and news reporting, all freely available on all devices. The new platform will kick off with an interactive concert streamed via www.helloplay.be.

Hello play! is entering the Belgian electronic music scene with a novel platform offering a wide range of formats and content produced by professionals from the world of electronic music, with creative input from the Digizik agency.

Focusing primarily on electronic music production in Belgium, Hello play! offers Internet and mobile device users the chance to enjoy a range of Belgian audio, video and written content, including playlists, exclusive live sessions, backstage reporting, interviews with performers, events, competitions and collaborative projects.

What is unique about Hello play! is that it intends to showcase and promote Belgian performers, with the aim of becoming the single window and entry point for all electronic music services in Belgium. Hello play! will not however be limited exclusively to Belgian electro music. The site will also offer material from the international music scene.

The platform will not only provide programmed content but will also serve as a social platform where users can actually import their own content, personalising their accounts by creating and sharing playlists, for example via Facebook Connect.

‘Fuel Concert’: Hello play! goes interactive
To start this groundbreaking venture off with a bang on 12 November, Hello play! will be putting on a four-hour private concert – the Hello play! Fuel Concert. On the playbill are Amon Tobin, Pomrad, Michael Midnight, Surfing Leons and Bafana. If you would like to enjoy this exclusive experience, just go to www.helloplay.be, from where the concert will be streamed.

We will also be adding a novel interactive element designed to stimulate audience engagement with the concert. Basically, the availability of the online streaming will depend on the number of ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ posted by the Internet audience on social media using the #helloplay hashtag. Social activity around the Hello Play! Fuel Concert will feed a participation gauge in real time. If social activity falls below a certain level, the concert will be stopped. Then, when activity picks up again, the show will get underway once more.

Michael Anseeuw, responsible for Hello bank!, underlines: “The new platform, which is available to everyone absolutely free of charge, will not only provide programmed material but will add a strong social dimension, with the chance to personalise and collaborate on content. At the same time, Hello play! will help to revitalise existing initiatives on the Belgian electro scene. With Hello play! we’ll be sharing and dialoguing around our brand universe – which is founded on the values of innovation, co-creation, interactivity and… a touch of cheekiness – through music.”


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